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  Name:Jimmy Hesketh


Hobbies:photography,champion,record buying, new hobbie is my

Role in band:sing and write lyrics

Best show you have been to:first warped tour woth soia,good riddance, civ,quiksand,orange nine,and uh sublime, or soia with afi and ensign at the rckndy

Your dream show to see:soia,turning point, mouthpiece, guidline, gorilla biscuits,youth of today,cromags,desendants..hahahahah that would never happen.

Top ten favorite bands:soia, turning point,descendants,agnostic front,murphys law,gorilla bicuits,h20,mouthpeice,cro mags,black

What is in your CD player now?:towards an end,trial,afi,h20

Any additional comments:"dont settle for second best"yo!

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