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Burden Canadian brand hardcore from B.C.

Burden The second of Burden's web sites.

Esoteric NWHC

Trial Seattle's very own gods of rock!

 Hardcore yellow pages  All you need for HxC music links

  Talk is Cheap NJ Represent

  Xwe ignore the obviousX B.C. Kelsey Yates

  Jitsu Records Home of such bands as Carry On, Stand Your Ground, Atari, and others

  Set Straight Clevland Hardcore

  StraightLikeAnArrow Lennie NB's Page

  New Balance Thousand Oaks straightedge hardcore

  NWHC Portland PDX Brand Hardcore

  Neuter Humans Susan Surafce's awesome page of pictures and things

  Offbeat Little Sara's page of metal, hardcore, emo, ska, punk, and what ever else is cool

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