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  Name: Chris Williams

Birthdate: Feb 27, 1977

Hobbies: skating, snowboarding, girls

Role in band: guitar

Best show you have been to: um hard chose either bane at the annex,mouthpeice at big johns, the rev tour at stage four portland with better than 1000, BATTERY, speak 714, in my eyes, ensign, and adamantium

Your dream show to see:Gorilla Buiscuits, Youth of today, Judge, Insted, oh man it goes on and on it would be a long show with lots of bands but but basically GB would be #1!

Top ten favorite bands: um this is hard so I will break it into top 5 ever  and top 5 around right now:
 Gorilla buiscuits
 Youth of today
 7 seconds

 Rain on the parade

What is in your CD player now?: the new AFI!  I dont care what anyone says  it rocks!!!!

Any additional comments: Seattle has the best hxc scene in the world!

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