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  Name:Ben "The Jew" Colton


Role in band::I play the fat strings

Best show you have been to: ever???!!! its a toss up between the 
second Trial show at the Up and Down club, or when Countervail played with Ensign at the RCKNDY. Both shows knocked the wind out of me and nearly brought me to tears. Those experiences are what  keep me coming back to shows. Anyway, yeah and stuff.

Your dream show to see:probably Morrissey, Hecate Enthroned, Countervail, At the Gates, Piebald and Barrit on one bill. It'll never happen.

Top ten favorite bands:
 1. Morrissey
 2. Piebald
 3. Countervail
 4. Zao
 5. Barrit
 6. Hecate Enthroned
 7. Get Up Kids
 8. 18V
 9. N Sync
10. anything thats the next big thing

What is in your CD player now?: Darkest Hour, Waxwing, and Morrissey

Any additional comments:"Knowledge is Power, Power is Metal, Metal is Good" -Fife Crew Knowledge Team Metal Division

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