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Hobbies:skateboarding, bmx, drawing, painting, drawing, drawing, writing music, cooking yummy vegan food, champion...

Role in band:i play the scorching lead guitar that sends the fans into a frenzy...well, ok i just play guitar.

Best show you have been to: ever???!!! that's a tough one. probably endpoint/split lip in about '93 or '94, or bane and
countervail this year. or maybe bouncing souls, descendents, swingin utters in '97. i don't know! great question though.

Your dream show to see:jawbreaker before "dear you" came out, playing with gorilla biscuits, chain of strength, waxwing, hot water music, mineral, and maybe capn' jazz.(wierd combo...)

Top ten favorite bands: damn, another impossible question.
ok...i'll try. water music
 3.chino horde
 4.bouncing souls
 5.old 7 seconds
 7.split lip
 8.dag nasty
 (not in any order...)

What is in your CD player now?:hold on...ok: boy sets fire,  get up kids, miltown, cave in, and ann beretta.

Any additional comments: um, thanks for taking the time to get to know the positive young minds behind the radical energy that is champion. i hope i've answered these questions to the best of my ability. youth crew '99 yo! peace...

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